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We Give Back

Although Project PLAN is a business, we ALSO make it OUR BUSINESS to give back. We are in the business of celebrating hard working women.

In July 2018, we donated (10) giveaway to (2) women empowerment events: one in Philadelphia and one in Chicago.

We also gifted 20 self-care bags to a group of women at a church in Philadelphia. 

In 2017, we allowed our followers to enter into more than (6) giveaways via our Instagram page (@projectplanselfcare).

We also gave out over (25) self-care packages to women that were identified as being selfless. These woman were more concerned with the needs of others, therefore we felt those women deserved to be recognized. 

We sponsored the Women Inspire Now (WIN) conference in North Carolina where we donated (8) self-care boxes filled with goodies to remind women to practice self-care. 

We also, mailed out (4) self-care boxes as a friendly reminders for women to Take Care of Self. These women were identified by our followers and we gladly supplied the boxes. Sometimes WE need that friendly reminder.

Lastly, in conjunction with In Full Bloom, we hosted a free Mindfulness Yoga session led by the amazing UrbanGypsy.


2017 was a GREAT year and we look forward to continuing to Give Back in the years to come. Stay tuned because Project PLAN is just getting started. We want YOU to make self-care a lifestyle and WE will continue to encourage and motivate. 

Interested in Project PLAN sponsoring your event? Email event date and details to Please be as speific as possible. We do not make any promises, and as you may imagine we are unable to fulfill all requests. Thank you for supporting Project PLAN.