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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I wash my custom drinkware? 

    • Drink-ware should be gently hand washed. Avoid aggressive scrubbing and soaking in water. 

    Is custom drinkware dish washer and/or microwave safe? 

    • No. Do NOT place custom drink-ware in the dish washer or microwave. The vinyl is NOT dish washer or microwave safe. 

    What material is used on the drink-ware?  

    • Vinyl 

    What material is used on the apparel?  

    • Heat Trasfer Vinyl (HTV) 

    Do you use a specific brand for custom tees? 

    • Yes, we use Gilden only

    How should I wash my customized garment? 

    • Let your vinyl sit without washing for at least 24 hours. HTV needs time to cure.
    • Do not dry clean. 
    • Wash and dry garments inside out. 
    • Choose cold or warm water temperature settings for the wash. 
    • Use mild detergent. 
    • Dry on a low/tumble setting or hang dry.
    • Do not iron directly on a heat transfer design.

    Can Project PLAN customize anything other than glass and fabric? 

    • Yes. We can customize wood and canvas as well. Email us at with any questions.