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Transition from Work to Home.

Carletta Skipworth

...raise your hand if you often struggle with that transition from work to home? I'm sure LOTS of you just virtually raised your hand. Okay, so we ALL know that WE have to be willing to make some changes in our lives and with our work loads to really manage this balance. However, I have a after-work challenge for everyone. It's something to assist with transitioning from work life to the home life.

So, MOST of us take the SAME route home everyday. We are LITERALLY on autopilot. During your commute home, whether it's walking, taking the bus/train or driving, I want you to INTENTIONALLY notice your surroundings. Try to find something you NEVER noticed before on your daily route. It doesn't have to be something big, it could be a brightly colored door or even an old school telephone booth (I know, I know those don't exist anymore lol). We are like ROBOTS at times with EVERYTHING (even our commute home). We have one goal, to get home! It's something calming about being in the moment and noticing your surroundings. If you want (and can do safety) jot those things down, or even take pictures. If you can't do either, just THINK about what you saw and how you missed this EVERY time you were on this route.
Yes, just being in the moment and calming/relaxing your mind is SELF-CARE. Sometimes, you JUST need to change your mindset before walking in your home. Be Intentional. 💕

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