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Maintaining During Uncertain Times

Carletta Skipworth

Just wanted to share what I’ve been doing during the Covid19 Pandemic. It’s been hard for  us all. Continuously sending Light☀️ and Love💕 to everyone during these uncertain times. So a few things that I’ve been doing are: 

  1. Boosting my Immune System. I’ve been taking several vitamins, drinking herbal teas as well as juicing. As for Vitamins, daily i’m taking an Active Immunity vitamin that has elderberry, echinacea, zinc and vitamin C. I’m also taking Vitamin D, Folic Acid and Turmeric. Here and there, I ingest a few drops of Oil of Oregano, add a little Wheatgrass Powder in my drinks, take a multivitamin, drink 1000mg of Vitamin C and take Stress-care capsules. As for Herbal Teas: My go to is Lavender and Chamomile Teas for their calming effects. However, I also drink a lot of ginger teas and Turmeric teas to help with inflammation. Juicing: The first week of the quarantine, I drank a lot of Green Juice (Spinach, Cucumber, Apple and Ginger). This week I’ve been drinking a Tropical Blend (Orange, Pineapple, Carrot and Ginger).
  2. Hydrate. I’ve been drinking lots of Water and minding my business ha ha. But, not only do I drink water to hydrate, I seriously I drink water to thin out the mucus that’s in my body. Sounds gross, but just being honest.
  3. Maintaining a Healthy and Positive Mindset. This is important for me because I can spiral quickly. Call it what you want, but I intentionally block, delete or cut off STUFF if it starts to affect me negatively. I closely monitor what I see and who I choose to receive information from. I remember when I would follow someone on social media just because they followed me. Ha ha, not anymore! It’s a choice: will what others post negatively affect me? If the answer is 100 percent yes, I will not be following. Sorry, not sorry! That is just one example, but the point is that I have been making sure to only allow myself to see uplifting and encouraging media. I have also only been following National info to stay in the know, but even with that sometimes you have to turn it off and just walk away. Remember to wash your hands, sanitize and practice social distancing.

    Sending ☀️💕Cee

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