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Do you support mental health days?

Employers, Managers, Supervisors, Administrators, Employees and ALL others, do you support mental health days? Employers, if your employees come to you requesting to take a mental health day, how do you react? Employees, when you have requested mental health days, how did your employer act? Do people request mental health days or are they afraid to do so? Talk to me.

In my opinion, mental health days are REAL and should not be viewed as “an excuse” or a “cop out” for lack of better words. Sometimes, we need to get away from it all and RECHARGE! It is so important to TAKE CARE OF SELF. It's simple for some and far more complex for others. If you just need a day or two, take that time. If you have an extreme case where you may need more than a day or two and feel that you’re having a mental breakdown, seek professional help. There is NOTHING wrong with seeking help when you feel you can’t do something on your own.

Let’s stand together and SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH DAYS 💕 

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  • This is a great reminder to myself. I always feel bad for taking time off, no matter how hard I’ve worked or how many hours I’ve put in. It never seems like a “good time” to take off, although I’ve earned the days. No matter how much my employers tell me to use my days I always feel like they judge me when i do actually take days. It’s not necessarily because of anything they do or say, just a strong feeling I have. When I do finally take time, I never end up just being able to relax or do things I want to do because my body usually shuts down and I end up sick the whole time I’m off. The other thing I find is even when I take time off from work there is something or someone else that requires something out of my life. My days aren’t ever really MINE! Anyway, thanks for the reminder to take care of self by taking MY days off, its something I have to get better at doing.


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