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Accepting Anxiety

I legit struggled with this.

It was almost as if I was giving up, by accepting that I had anxiety. I didn’t want to have anxiety and I for sure didn’t want to be judged by others.

Many nights i’ve cried, why me? Why is this happening to me? Where did this come from? All questions that I’m still trying to unpack. But, the more I learn about anxiety, the more I understand the importance of accepting it. I remember having internal battles with myself and feeling embarrassed because “I’m suppose to have it ALL together.” Guess what, I don’t have it all together and that is OKAY! And what is also OKAY, is accepting that I having anxiety! By accepting that I have anxiety, i’m taking away some of it’s power over me. Instead of constantly trying to fight it, hide it, run from it, and ignore it, I accept it for what it is. Simply a passing emotion that does NOT define who I am! Anxiety does NOT define me, nor make me less than. I’m going to continue fighting and speaking for those who have yet to find their voice. 

Be bold, be brave.

Sending ☀️💕Cee

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